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With a proprietary predictive model and scoring tools, we are changing how startups get evaluations and feedback, delivering better inclusion & visibility for under-represented founders.

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Predictive modeling and advising based on company profiles & critical KPIs.

90% of venture-backed firms fail. 

Part of that is because many founders don’t know where to start in handling the business processes part of the puzzle. 

Our approach breaks up this predictive modeling into “sprints” so we can offer unique data-driven insights when they are most needed. We help founders focus on the activity leading up to the next funding event. DealEngine’s data-driven approach aligns a company’s activities and profiles to target investors long-term ROI goals.

Better Results from Better Data

Strength Through Inclusion

DealEngine models unearth opportunities for both investors and under-represented founders.

The more diverse your workforce is, the stronger your offering becomes. The harsh truth is that underrepresented founders all too often do not get a shot. But we also found out that when they do, they are often more successful. 

Since we are breaking the mold of “how success” looks from the investors side, we can also look at how success looks from the founder side. The results are striking. We can use our data-driven approach to not only step away from bias, but also elevate those who would not have a chance otherwise.

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  • Venture Scoring that ranks your startup across 9 dimensions of business dynamics from 0 to 100 – and how to improve your ranking.

Personalized Updates gives you what you need when you need it as you evolve your business.

The Future of Venture Investment

DealEngine predictive modeling could change how screening, due diligence and tranched investments are managed. 

Our predictive modeling would improve with every company, venture, or founder. As we crack the code for a better entrepreneurial venture, funding, and ultimately, landscape. We will reshape, and significantly, alter, our batting averages. Long gone will be the days of funding twenty ventures in hopes of one unicorn. Or endless hours of due-diligence for one +10X return. We want you, founders, investors, and entrepreneurs to bring about your future to our now. We will use science to help you do so quicker, more effectively, and with resounding success.

Our Founding Team

We’ve assembled the right team to bring the DealEngine de-risking solution to the startup and venture communities.

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