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Learn About DealEngine

Be the first to learn about DealEngine’s free data-driven analytical tools. Learn about startup DealScores, like a FICO credit score, but to measure startups’ traction. Features include:

— DealScore and TeamScore – data-driven assessments to help gauge your deal-readiness and market viability.

— Instant Pitch Deck and Executive Summary Builders – easy-to-use tools that automatically generate investor-ready pitch decks and executive summaries.

— Team Mindset and Chemistry – evaluations and scoring, isolating the key traits core to successful founding teams.

 Free Ongoing Tracking & Feedback – Ongoing systematic evaluation of company traction and business models over time.

Help us, and yourself, in making the entrepreneurial world more equitable, diversified, and open to all.

We look forward to seeing great things from you!

Our Data-Driven Tools Help Startup Founders

No matter where in the world they are

Pitch Deck Builder

Forget all the pitch deck templates out there. Fill out one simple form and we’ll email you a deck, complete with the data and content investors expect to see. When things change, simply update the form and get a new deck!

Team Profile & Compatibility

The psychographic profile of a founding team is key to any startup’s success. Find out how member of your team compare, in areas like emotional intelligence, grit, visionary, leadership, and a whole lot more.

Scoring and Feedback

We are a data-drive company. Based on your inputs, we will evaluate and score your likelihood of traction, success and investor interest. And we take privacy and security very seriously. Your data is used for anonymous analysis only.