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Tools & Guidance To Help With Startup Traction
We have data-driven tools to help guide your decision-making in key areas like fundraising, competitive analysis, go-to-market strategy and more. Plus, we’ll even create your presentation materials for you.

Get Just the Help You Need
Chart your company’s progress, with pricING FOR EVERY BUDGET

Always Free

$0 USD/Mo

These tools will always be free.

Top features:

  • Charting Company Progress
  • Generate Presentation PDFs
  • Scoring of Team Chemistry
  • Scoring of Business & KPIs
  • Always Free


$59 USD/Mo

when billed annually

Top features:

  • Charting Company Progress
  • Generate Presentation PDFs
  • Scoring of Team, Business & KPIs
  • PDFs & Editable PPTs & Docs
  • User Dashboard


$99 USD/Mo

when billed annually

Top features:

  • Charting Company Progress
  • Scoring of Team, Business & KPIs
  • PDFs & Editable PPTs & Docs
  • Premium Dashboard
  • Monthly Live Coaching Call

Pitch Deck Builder
Instantly generate key presentation materials by answering a few questions.

Get an easy-to-understand 1-10  rating of your traction, viability and investor-readiness.

Team Chemistry
Using the latest advances in psychometric analysis, see if your founding team has what it takes. 

Guidance & Feedback
Learn what you can be doing better in order to improve your DealScore, before it is too late.

Questions? Just Ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you guys do?

We use industry, company and team data to identify the DNA of startup success and benchmark your company’s traction against those benchmarks. We crunch the numbers and then provide a DealScore and some feedback that founders can use to get even better.

I’m giving you a lot of data. What do you do with that and how do you protect my privacy?

We take privacy very seriously. We will never share any data without your permission. It is strictly confidential and for our scoring of your company. There can be times when we may be able to refer your materials to an interested investor, but we would never do it without your permission.

How exactly can you help a startup?

We have built a variety of tools that help streamline the efforts for you. For example, we have a pitch deck builder that will automatically generate your pitch deck after you’ve input the data. And as your company progresses you can simply update the data and have a new deck sent to you.

What is a DealScore?

DealScore is our measure of a company’s viability, traction and investability. The scale goes from 0 to 10 and is based on a lot of the KPIs that you share with us. Obviously, the higher the better. We have found that companies that score at least 8.5 out of 10 are typically very investor-ready.

Why is diversity & inclusion important to you?

We know that there are some legacy social injustices out there. Access to opportunity and capital is one of them, as evidenced by Silicon Valley’s history. Moreover, we know that companies become better when they have a healthy diverse team, as that affords more creativity, better talent and a wider variety of perspectives needed to envision a company’s winning trajectory.

What do I get for free?

We will help you chart your company’s progress and score it with our proprietary DealScore.We’ll generate Presentation PDFs, including pitch deck and executive summary. We’ll score your team chemistry and business KPIs.

How do you know what makes startups successful?

We have been active within angel investment groups, as well as founded and ran two startup accelerators. We have worked with over 1,000 companies over the last five years and have been there from companies’ first fund raise to liquidity events. We have witnessed first-hand those vital signs of startup success and are now training algorithms to replicate those efforts.